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Important Information
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Marketing and Communications provides strategic services to campus partners to advance Catawba College’s branding, recruitment, retention, and advancement goals. The Marcomm Office must review any item with the Catawba College name or brand prior to production to ensure brand consistency.


After submission, your project request will be reviewed. We may suggest alternatives to best meet your goals based on our experience. Approved project requests are placed in our queue. You will receive a follow-up email requesting additional details for your specific request and will be in touch with any questions.


Timeline for Requests:

We appreciate having the following notice to fulfill your request:


Two Weeks: for digital, small-scale print projects (such as handouts, flyers, postcards, etc.), or minor project updates.


Four Weeks: for more involved projects (such as invites, brochures, reports, etc.)


Twelve Weeks: for large projects and /or development of communication campaigns and strategies.

For event related materials, your timeline should be for when promotion of the event would begin, not the date of the event. A typical event should have 4-6 weeks to promote.


Sufficient lead time ensures we can fulfill your request and others in a professional and timely manner.

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